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No traveller worth his salt would consider his journeying finished if he had not yet visited Australia.

For this country, a continent within itself, has such diverse attractions to suit all pockets and taste. From back-packers hostels to 5* hotels, the welcome is warm and friendly and the "great out-doors" way of life attracts all comers.

This vast play-ground offers excitement and adventure to all age groups, and there is something for everyone. Sophisticated modern cities contrast with the great outback, large expansive rivers contrast with desert, snowy mountains and tropical rainforests complete the picture.

Daily. airlines fly to this destination, at reasonable rates, offering stopovers in exciting cities, where you can touch for a moment, life as it is lived in faraway places.

Return with wonderous tales of the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Opera House or Ayres Rock, and when you do return, you will long to go back.

Every member of our staff has visited Australia, some of us extensively, others just once or twice, but we have all returned with a little of this beautiful continent in our hearts. Two of our staff members are also "Aussie Specialists" as approved by the Australian Tourist Commission.

We also trade as 'Allways' holidays: Allways Pacific: Australia, Allways Pacific: New Zealand, Allways South Africa, Allways Caribbean, Allways South America, Allways Menorca, Allways Greece & Cyprus, Allways Turkey

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