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The European colonial civilisation mixed with the ethnic culture will remain in your memory forever.

Old Ruins, South AmericaFrog, South AmericaRio, South AmericaCathedral, South America
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South America consists of 11 countries and is considered to be a continent in it’s own right.

The largest country, Brazil, boasts the mighty Amazon, impenetrable jungle, the infamous Rio de Janeiro, Ipanema and Cococabana Beaches, Sugar Loaf Mountain and the Statue of the Good Jesus. Cable cars take you to the heights of Sugar Loaf Mountain and the views across the city and ocean is unforgettable.

Argentina, the second largest, is home to the enchanting city of Buenos Aires, the tomb of Evita Peron, mouth watering steaks and the Tango, the national dance, which is, at once, suggestive, fast, elegant and a joy to observe.

Further south is Patagonia, an area of outstanding beauty, where most of the villagers are descendants of Welsh migrants from the 19th century, so there is a curious mix of the Welsh language interspersed with Spanish.

Chile stretches from Peru in the North to Tierra del Fuego in the South with the Cape Horn pointing to Antarctica beyond and its main industry is farming.

Discover magical Machu Picchu in Peru, one of South America’s most popular destinations, and make sure you spare a few days to enjoy Lima, the Capital.

And, from the Galapagos Islands to the rainforests of the Amazon, Equador is a treasure of scenery, climate, ecology and culture.

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